Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Two More Weeks of This?

Oh boy. I'm a long-time Vikings fan, but living within earshot of Pittsburgh for seven years means that I tend to root for the Steelers, too. So I've enjoyed watching the Steelers run to the Super Bowl, particularly with the whole "let's make Bettis's last game the Super Bowl in his home town" story. Sadly, sports fanaticism does strange things to people who should really know better. Like a high school teacher in Beaver Falls, PA, who singled out a student for humiliation in class last week because he was wearing a Broncos jersey. All this, which took place during the mid-term exam for the kid's "ethnicity class" (what the hell is that, pray tell?) and served a purpose:

'If he felt uncomfortable, then that's a lesson; that's what [the class] is designed to do,' Kelly [the teacher] told The Denver Post. 'It was silly fun. I can't believe he was upset.'
Wait a second - pick one. Either it's uncomfortable and meant to teach a lesson, or it was just silly fun. I'm thinking more along the lines of stupid fun, at this kid's expense.

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