Friday, January 06, 2006

Good Cause + Good Tunes = Buy Now!

Since I harangued everyone to give money to the Katrina relief efforts last year, the least I can do is clue everyone in to a very cool musical project to benefit Katrina victims. Chad Hutchinson and Rob LaDuca, the guys behind NEARFest, have put together a 2-disc benefit album called After the Storm. For only $20 (plus shipping), you'll get two hours of music, much of it previously unreleased, from some of the brightest lights in progressive rock: echolyn, Mike Keneally, The Flower Kings, Djam Karet, and more and more. If you're a prog fan, this is a no brainer. If you've ever thought "hey, I might like to hear some of that prog stuff," this is a perfect opportunity. And even if you hate all of it (a highly doubtful proposition), you'll still have done a little good for the folks still suffering the aftereffects of Katrina.

Place your order today!

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