Thursday, January 31, 2008

Album of the Day

Recollection Harvest, by Djam Karet (2005): This is an odd album. For one thing, it's actually two albums in one, Recollection Harvest and Indian Summer. The first one covers the first 45 minutes of the disc and is very different from the only other Djam Karet I've got, Live at Orion. That album is dominated by the dual guitar interplay and tricky rhythm section work. Some synths are there, but mostly as background. On Recollection Harvest, by contrast, they're right up front - along with gobs of tasty Mellotron - and carry a lot of the melodic load. Indian Summer, covering the last 25 minutes, is more ambient and has some more ethic influences and is more along the lines of what I expected when I picked this disc up. Both hunks are really good, so it's really like getting two albums for the price of one.

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