Monday, January 21, 2008

Album of Last Friday

Feels Good to Me, by Bill Bruford (1977): Since my pick of Brand X for the last AotD installment was so popular, might as well tap another prog-drummer-goes-jazzy disc, right? In this case, it's Yes/King Crimson rhythmatist Bill Bruford leading his own band. After he and guitarist Alan Holdsworth left UK, Bill brought in bassist Jeff Berlin and keyboardist/harmonic consultant Dave Stewart (of Egg/Hatfield and the North/National Health fame) to round out the quartet, with vocalist Annette Peacock appearing on a few tracks as well. The music reminds a lot of UK gone fusionier, with a heavy helping of Stewart's style on the side. And, to continue the Brand X connection, guitarist John Goodsall provides some extra guitar and keyboardist Robin Lumley co-produces.

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