Monday, January 28, 2008

Album of Last Friday

Alba Y Ocaso, by Codice (1999): Believe it or not, there is an active Mexican prog scene. While dominated by the prodigious output of Cast, other groups tend to get a word in edgewise. Codice decided to follow the "more is better" approach and provide two full discs of tunes on this release. Honestly? It's just too much. Like Cast, Codice follows in the footsteps of Hackett-era Genesis and (to a lesser extent) Camel. Their use of lots of nylon string guitar and (fairly sparse) lyrics in Spanish help to set them apart from their countrymen. That's about all that's noteworthy, however. No single tune really stands out and there's so much there that by the end of things, you're just glad that it's over. That makes it sound worse than it is, but it's true.

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