Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Like a Fantasy Team - For Real

Although I've never really gotten into the whole fantasy sports thing, I understand the desire to play George Steinbrenner in your spare time. I did run a PBEM (Play By EMail) indoor soccer team for years, after all - and a championship winning one, at that. But for those of you for whom ordering electrons around isn't enough, consider the tale of Ebbsfleet United.

EU is an English soccer team playing in what is (roughly) the equivalent of A-league baseball. The team is poised to be taken over by 26,000 investors who have signed up online. The buy in was roughly $70.50. This coalition won't just fund the team, but (via the Web) actually make decisions regarding lineups, player buying/selling, and other on-the-field matters. Similar setups are popping up in other places, including the United States. While it offers fans a more hands-on relationship with their team, I can't help but think that having 26,000 Jose Maurinhos weighing in on ever decision is a recipe for disaster.

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