Thursday, January 10, 2008

More Death Avoidance

Earlier this week I blogged about the Supreme Court's Baze case and what the debate over how we execute people (rather than the fact that we do in the first place) and what that says about us. Along those lines, I noticed this story in today's Charleston Daily Mail that makes somewhat the same point:

In West Virginia, it's pretty common during hunting season to see a pickup truck with a dead deer in the bed or strapped to the hood or roof.

A McDowell County girl finds that offensive and has prevailed on one of her local legislators to try to do something about it.

A bill sponsored by Delegate Clif Moore, D-McDowell, would require hunters to cover harvested game to conceal it from public view.

* * *

McKinsie and Moore said they are not against hunting. It's just a matter of courtesy.

'I don't have anything against hunting,' McKinsie said. 'But I really don't think it's right to just kill and leave it out in the open for kids to see.'
In other words, we want to portray hunting as a good thing, something passed down from generation to generation, but don't want the next generation to actually see the results. Just like we don't really want people to see what state-sponsored killing really is. Got it.

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