Sunday, January 13, 2008

Magic Power, Indeed

"Music is THE BEST" - Mary (from the bus - you know, last tour)

Sometimes, you just have one of those nights that puts a smile on your face and spring in your step. Music is such a regular part of my life that sometimes I just forget how fun it is, until I get a couple hours like tonight.

First, I went back to my first band practice since our Xmas concert in December (which jedi jawa skipped 'cause he was too busy partying for his Bday - Happy Birthday, dude!). We played almost all new music, some of which is very cool. My embouchure didn't hold up very well (as expected), but I had a much easier time getting into new music the first time around than I did last fall. I didn't even mind staying after the band finished for our little clarinet chorale thing, when I got to pretend I played bass!

Then, I was driving home listening to a CD I made of all the tunes I put on ACIDPlanet last year. With them all in one place, the wheat is pretty quickly separated from the chaff. I was pleasantly surprised that more of it than not held up after this time. And then the middle section of "In the Wreckage of Our Ambitions" absolutely kicked my ass and gave me the biggest shit-eating grin I've had in a long time (by myself, at least).

I suppose what I'm saying that, for me, music is about so much more than background noise. It's a fabric of my being - my soul, if I dare say so. So I'll leave you with a song that kind of spells it out:

Rock on, people.

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jedijawa said...

Yeah yeah ... I made it to practice last week ... whiner. ;-)