Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Street Racing Still Sucks

Last year I blogged about the inanity of street racing, prompted by a New York Times story about Alex Roy, who set a new "record" for crossing the United States in a car. An astute but nameless soul left me this comment this morning:

I saw this guy on the news and on Letterman tonight. I agree this is the true defintion of an idiot, when someone has too much money for his senses. He says he can't afford to race, yet he has a highly modified M5 and Bentley and chase plane? C'mon! I had $4,000 and did an entire season in SCCA ITB racing (Car, suit, entrance fees, etc) I have no respect for this kind of faker. I can only hope he gets caught and does time on his next attempt.
You can see the interview here. As Anon points out the "I don't have the money" argument is pure bullshit on its face, compounded by the guy's laughing description of all the law evasion tech he uses (including the one that allows you to drive without headlights - brilliant, dipshit!).

I'm very disappointed in David Letterman - he's involved with legit racing in both the IRL and ALMS and could use the show to promote alternatives to this kind of jacknuttery. Instead he laughs along. Bad move, Dave.

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