Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Conroy Wins Out

One of the big local stories last year was the controversy about using a couple of Pat Conroy's novels in some advanced high school English classes. The whole mess died down while a committee actually read the books and considered whether they should be removed from the classes. The first, Beach Music, was allowed back in last year. Now the committee has recommended the same for Prince of Tides. Of course, the news of the books being challenged was on the front page, while the resolution appears buried in the nether regions of the local paper.

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Rebecca Burch said...

It figures that it wouldn't make the press. That really annoys me, because I think the public needs to hear about it when things like this are deemed appropriate. You hear about all these controversies, but never anything more. People who don't find out the outcomes think that teachers are out to corrupt kids with all this controversial smut, when in fact, it's all usually deemed acceptable -- even necessary -- in the curriculum.

That being said... YAY!!! :)