Tuesday, January 22, 2008

In the Interest of Fair Play

During the presidential campaign season I've dogged Republicans Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney for their attempts at religious campaigning. In order to show that, when it comes to religion and politics I'm an equal opportunity ranter, check out Glenn Greenwald's examination of Barack Obama's "Committed Christian" flier in South Carolina.

I realize that Obama has to counter the bullshit whispering campaign that he's really a Muslim who, if elected, will establish (along with Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota) a new caliphate in the United States. And I realize that religious voters are a big demographic, even in the Democratic party. I just wish candidates could reach out to them on shared values, rather than blatantly playing the "See, I'm one of you" game.

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RedZeppelin said...

The problem is so many people are so closed minded that they would only vote for someone they feel is "one of them." Heaven forbid (no pun intended) voting for someone based on how intelligent they are or how good they'd be for the country rather than what church they attend.