Monday, March 10, 2008

Album of the Day

The Way We Walk (Vols. 1 & 2), by Genesis (1992/1993): Since Red brought up the band's arrangements of older tunes, here's good opportunity to pimp one. These two discs were compiled on what was once thought to be the band's last meaningful tour, in the wake of We Can't Dance. Rather than put out a full set in a 2-CD package, the band split the tunes up. Volume 1 is dubbed "The Shorts" and contains the radio-friend pop fodder (for the most part - "Mama" is really pretty dark, when you think about it), while the expanded proggier stuff is cataloged on Volume 2, aka "The Longs." The highlight of Volume 2 was the "old medley" for that tour, including Red's favs, "Firth of Fifth" and "I Know What I Like." While I understand the frustrations of some folks that the old stuff got relegated to w single 20-minute ghetto, it's a pretty good rip.


RedZeppelin said...

Yeah! That medley is fantastic. I love how Rutherford takes Hackett's brilliant solo in "Firth of Fifth" and makes it his own.

JDB said...

Actually, Red, that's Daryl Steurmer during the solo. He generally handles all of Hackett's bits. What's funny, tho', is that there's a pretty sharp debate amongst Genesis fans as to whether Daryl "making it his own" is a good or bad thing. I tend to agree with you.