Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Guns Along the Potomac (Update)

Just to follow up on yesterday's Heller post, there's lots of coverage out there about today's oral argument. Here's an effective AP story that summarizes things, that does a good job of capturing the atmosphere outside the Court this morning:

While the arguments raged inside, dozens of protesters mingled with tourists and waved signs saying 'Ban the Washington elitists, not our guns' or 'The NRA helps criminals and terrorists buy guns.'

Members of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence chanted 'guns kill' as followers of the Second Amendment Sisters and Maryland Shall Issue.Org shouted 'more guns, less crime.'
Meanwhile, Jeralyn at TalkLeft and Mike O'Shea over at Concurring Opinions have some thoughts on the proceedings. Mike is predicting a 5-1-3 decision, with a majority (Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Kennedy, and Alito) ruling in Heller's favor; Breyer concurring in the finding of an individual right, but concluding that the DC regs are reasonable; and a dissent (Stevens, Ginsburg, and Souter) adopting DC's position. We'll see.

And, of course, SCOTUSBlog is all over Heller and has helpfully indexed all their oral argument coverage here.

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