Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Be Sure to Check out Your Significant Other

Consider the plight of an unnamed Kanawha County man. He was in the local regional jail and wanted to get out on home confinement. To do that, he needed a place to go that was acceptable to the powers that be. He listed his girlfriend's home in Dunbar, which would be fine, except:

A man trying to exchange jail time for home confinement at his girlfriend's residence saw his hopes dashed.

A background check resulted in the woman also being locked up.

Police arrested a Dunbar woman on 150 outstanding warrants, a mix of misdemeanor and felony charges ranging from uttering to conspiracy and computer fraud.

* * *

She was served with 94 felony warrants and 56 misdemeanors, ranging from uttering and fraudulent schemes to conspiracy and computer fraud, the press release said.

Among the charges, Brisendine is accused of being involved with a group of people who opened false bank accounts in the area and used them to commit various fraudulent schemes, the press release said.
All that and she's only 20. Quite a catch there, unnamed guy that the police mercifully won't identify!

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