Thursday, March 27, 2008

MLS al Sud

As I've mentioned before, the Major League Soccer season kicks off this weekend. In anticipation, the New York Times takes a look at where the new faces in the league are coming from. With one high profile exception, teams have used their increased financial flexibility to bring in younger talent from South and Central America, rather than older Europeans on the down slope of their careers.

I think that's a good development. It will take years - hell, decades - before MLS becomes a legitimate destination for rising European talent. I think the best bet for the league is to become the preeminent destination for young talent in CONCACAF and South America. There's a lot of it to be had and MLS, even with low salary caps, can provide some concrete benefits over leagues elsewhere.

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RedZeppelin said...

Every year I say I'm going to hit Columbus for a Crew game. I hope I can make it this year. I've never seen a pro game in person.