Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Tune for My Coworkers

Last Friday was Leap Day, February 29. It was also the day of one of our biweekly full staff meetings at the office. At those meetings, one victim, er . . . "lucky employee" is responsible for presenting an Interesting Tidbit about anything whatsoever. Given the date, the lucky Pat K., one of our investigators, last week shared some Leap Day/Year trivia. In the mix was some sheet music Pat found online for the "official" Leap Year song - the "Leap Year Polka." With apparently too much time on my hands (or things on my mind - you be the judge), I decided to take the tune, program it in a MIDI file, and see what it sounded like.

Now you can too.

A few caveats.

First - I am not Jimmy Sturr. My polka experience is, shall we say, limited. It doesn't help that MIDI programming skills are fairly basic and everything sounds very mechanical.

Second - I doubt J. Tosso, who wrote this piece, ever intended it to be played on Mellotron, electric piano, clavinet, and MiniMoog.

Third - I neutered the bass line, which had some really nasty chords in it, by forgetting to switch my virtual MiniMoog from "mono" to "poly." I like it this way better, honestly.

Anyway, enjoy - and Happy Leap Year!

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